Room condition report

Room condition report is the hardest process university clients have to go through each year. It is hard to say how long the room condition report process needs to be streamlined so we provide you the client a good and easy method to do your room condition reports on an easy to use mobile application.

Room condition reports

The worst part of the whole room condition reports process is the amount of paper wasted in the process. It is important that each university look at their individual process and move to a better technology that will not only save money but is also good for environment.

Mobile Room and Inventory Condition Reporting (RIC™)

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Room Condition Report

Our Mobile Room Condition Reporting Solution has been designed by Residence Life Directors and University Administrators who face the tedious process of paper based room condition forms and wanted a better option that was user friendly and intuitive to the challenges and business processes they faced on a daily basis, while still providing the advance reporting tools and integration with their housing management system.

Room Condition Report

RIC™ is customized to meet the needs of your institution. Lifetopia is there to help you with the setup and live implementation. Our software platform is flexible, adjusting to your school’s business rules and process.

Room Condition Report
Mobile Access

Built to be easy and fast, you can access the room condition application from the web or download our IOS / Android app from the app store.


Lifetopia has designed our mobile online Room Condition Report to give the administrator the powerful reporting tools to reflect the entire move in and move out process. This included customized reports, email capabilities, general notification, and different administrative logins and rights for the RA staff.


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Room Condition Report was designed for housing administrators and universities housing departments to save time and resources in their college housing assessment and room conditon report assessments. Room Condition Reports are costly when done by paper based processes. Lifetopia saves paper by converting paper to web application damage tools.

Room Condition Report functions are performed by room to room assessment usually from a RA or Resident Hall administrator assigned to room condition report management. Their tasks include room damage assessments and room condition reporting based on floors and rooms in their college housing facilities.